01/06/2017 My SIGG bottle

This bottle of mine is now well into its twenties (that's years old!) and is still showing no signs of giving up.

This bottle of mine is now well into its twenties (that's years old!) and is still showing no signs of giving up. Where has the bottle been? Well, where hasn't it!?

There's a 4 month tour of Europe & North Africa in the late 1990's, on the Trans Siberian railway, most of South East Asia, the Outback and everywhere else in Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, a 10 week cycle with a friend along the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan and the Friendship Highway in Tibet (with a side excursion to Everest Base Camp) in 2000. I then changed jobs and became a guide, so it has also been to Kilimanjaro 13 times, Peru to Machu Picchu 5 times, Morocco mountain biking, Iceland trekking (where the twin bottle was lost by a friend!), China on the Great Wall 3 times, Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal, the Cederberg (in -10 and +48C and everything in between) in South Africa too many times to mention, Bolivia in the Salar de Unyuni, in the Grand Canyon trekking and rafting, Las Vegas and California road tripping with lovers and friends, deep in the humidity of Borneo jungle and the bare peak of Mount Kinabalu, in Costa Rica trekking, cycling, rafting and kayaking across the country..... This is what I can remember right now, there's bound to be more. It's home is the mountains of the Western Cape of South Africa. More specifically it's real home is Table Mountain. Like Table Mountain, it too has become a wonder of the world! What an awesome product, well worth the "expensive" price tag all those years ago. My clients always remark on the bottle, happy in the knowledge that if the bottle looks like that, surely then I too have spent enough time in the mountains and travelling to know what I'm doing.My Sigg bottle, the stuff of legend!




Here are some other bottle storys !

"Your Original is truly a Survivor! It has survived a fall of 2840 meters in the Villarrica volcano in Pucon , Chile. A guide of the later groups found my SIGG bottle and brought it to me to the peak of the mountain without leaking! The perfect souvenir of the ascent of the second most active volcano in South America. Here the image of the ascent and me with my personal trophy ;-)"

Carsten Lemberg


"We were planning to climb the Italian Ridge of the Matterhorn. Then a storm rolled in and we couldn’t continue. Fortunately, we made it until the Carrel Hut and started a fire using the scrap wood. Thanks to the SIGG bottles we could boil the water and have a hot tea!"

John Smith